New World Order. Sons of Obama Mug

New World Order. Sons of Obama Mug
Let everyone know you are a serf in the new world order.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Obamaland T shirts celebrating the New World Order

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This is the official One World Government Imperial Website Home Page

I was chosen by the aliens to be Emperor of this Galaxy and the local vicinity. Like it or not you are my subjects. Fortunately for you I don't give a damn about the Earth so you are perfectly free to enjoy it as you please. The Best One world government is no such arrangement. This is a one universe galaxy.

Governing the Earth: The new charter is exactly the same as the basic Libertarian Party platform and charter melded with the bill of Rights of the United States Constitution. These basic liberties are to apply everywhere on this planet. Nations are free to maintain borders and boundaries if they want to. Pretty simple ain't it. Now behave or else.

The office of Imperial One World Government is raising money for the luxury of your dear Emperor and the imperial offices. Be advised this is non- mandatory. If you like non-mandatory government this is the one to send funding to and you will not resent it. If you cannot afford to send $20 or more in cash then send any amount. You will not be disappointed because you will be remembered as a contributor when it comes to future governmental functions. Eventually The One World Government administration will cut taxes worldwide to next to zero. It takes money to change the mandatory nature of taxation to begin with. All world currencies are accepted. Send as much and as often as you can. This is the Only One world government that promises to save you from big government intervention in every aspect of your life. The Emperor is raising a trillion dollars Send $20 annually or monthly to:

Holy Rollying Emperor
High Imperial Offices
PO Box 6056
Portland, Oregon 97228-6056 USA, Earth

Real One World Government

Real One World Government